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Continent and General Theme Studies

The following is a monthly schedule for our geography study and general themes. We encourage your child to bring in items of interest pertaining to our study for their "SHOW AND TELL". No toys please.

Some ideas for "SHOW AND TELL" are: books, postcards, art books, flags, maps, a video about the people and animals from that continent, music, clothing, a doll dressed in traditional clothing from one of the countries from that continent, changing leaves, spring flowers etc. You also may want to make a snack relating to the continent of study.

Parents who would like to come in to talk and share information about a place you have traveled to or lived in please contact your teacher.

Month Geography Studies General Studies
August Grace & Courtesy Families/Pets
September Texas Indian Market/State Fair/Farm Animals
October North America National Parks & Monuments/Halloween
November South America Rainforest/Thanksgiving
December Holidays around the World
January Antartica Weather/Deserts
Febuary Asia Chinese New Year/Valentines
March Europe Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales/Forests
April Australia Oceans
May Africa Zoo Animals